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Wetherby Orthodontics | Removable Braces


What are Removable Braces used for?

Removable braces are not as common these days however this type of brace is particularly useful for correcting simple problems or straightening teeth in younger patients (under 11 years old).

Wetherby Orthodontics | Removable Braces

What is a Removable Brace?

Removable braces consist of a plastic plate with wires and clips to hold the brace onto your teeth. Removable braces are usually fitted to the top teeth and are often used in conjunction with fixed braces as part of a orthodontic treatment plan.

Whilst removable braces can be removed from your mouth in order to effectively correct and straighten crooked teeth they need to be worn full-time. Removable braces must only be removed for cleaning or when taking part in sporting activities such as contact sports or swimming.

How to take care of Removable Braces


  • Wear your brace all the time including eating and sleeping

  • Brush your teeth and brace after every meal

  • Keep your brace in a plastic box if it isn’t being worn

  • Contact the surgery if you lose or break your brace


  • Wear your brace for contact-sports or swimming

  • Hold the brace by the wires or bend them

  • Eat sugary or acidic food

  • Click your brace with your tongue

More Information

Please see our downloads page for more information and care sheets.

The advice you were given by the orthodontist and these instructions will help you look after your braces.


Please contact the surgery as soon as you can on 01937 580510 if you have any problems. The practice cannot be held responsible for problems arising from failing to follow advice.

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