If you are a dentist or other dental professional we welcome your referrals. Combined cases which need orthodontics as well as restorative, implant or periodontal input are also welcome. Either send us a letter with their details. If you would like to discuss a specific case or would like a practice visit, please don't hesitate to contact us. We also have A5 referral pads for your convenience, if you would like one (or more!) please let us know.

Dental Education

Megan Hatfield has given talks or lectures to study groups, conference and student days, most recently a clinical tip on lingual orthodontics to European specialists and a lecture of orthodontic assessment to young dentists. If you'd like a speaker for your study group or meeting on an orthodontic topic please get in touch. This could be a lunch and learn for team members, current orthodontic topics to update dentists, or clinical topics for specialists. She is happy to suggest suitable topics or adapt to requirements if possible.

Referrers Charter

We promise to; 

  • Send an acknowledgement on receipt of a referral.

  • Send a letter following first consultation, for extractions, at completion of treatment, and discharge as a minimum.

  • Send additional letters if needed, at important stages in the treatment or if your intervention is required.

  • Send all letters within 10 working days.

  • Supply copies of radiographs where relevant or on request.

  • Encourage your patients to continue seeing you for routine dental care.

  • Restrict referred patients (and their parents if under 16) from joining the general dental practice at the same address for a period of five years from referral.

  • Refer your patient back to you for restorations and cosmetic work (including whitening).

Please help us by; 

  • Including full patient details with your referral, including address, phone number, date of birth and medical history.

  • Encouraging your patients to maintain excellent dental health before, during and after treatment.

  • Continuing to provide routine dental care for your patient.

  • Carrying out restorations or extractions as requested.

  • Letting us know if you are unable to provide any requested work for any reason.

  • Informing us of any queries or concerns that arise.