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Wetherby Orthodontics | Children


Wetherby Orthodontics | Children


We are very happy to provide orthodontic advice to any child from about the age of 7 onwards as their teeth and jaws develop. This is important if teeth are missing or out of place or if the bite is incorrect. Some problems, for instance a reverse bite or prominent teeth (overjet) are ideally assessed before the age of 10. Occasionally teeth develop in the wrong place or can be missing and identification of these types of problems early is important.

We can advise on dental care that may avoid or simplify future treatment. Simple treatment might include a removable brace for a few months or extraction of some milk teeth. In many cases simply monitoring the growth of the teeth and jaw until all the adult teeth are through is all that is needed.

Older children from the age of about 11 can have treatment similar to a teenager depending on their stage of facial and dental development.

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