For any advice or treatment an assessment is the first step. If you are concerned about appearance of the braces, discomfort or costs do mention it as these can be taken into account when planning your orthodontic treatment.

We offer free initial assessments. You will be greeted by one of our treatment coordinators, Angela or Carly-Ann, who will show you around the practice, discuss your problem, explain how orthodontic treatment works and show you examples of treatment. You will also meet orthodontist Megan Hatfield, who can give a outline of the ideal type of treatment and possible costs.

A full assessment (children or adults) includes a discussion of the problem, a full orthodontic examination, photographs, x-rays and impressions for study models to enable a full treatment plan to be drawn up. Occasionally a second visit is needed to discuss your treatment plan, but at your this visit we can at least outline the potential treatment, including costs. 

A short assessment for children includes a discussion of the problem, brief examination of your face, teeth and mouth, and an outline of the probable treatment including costs. We also measure the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) to assess the severity of the problem. This assessment is aimed at children with a mixture of adult and milk teeth who may not be ready for comprehensive assessment and treatment, and parents investigating the options of private versus NHS treatment (we are unable to offer NHS treatment but can give an opinion on whether your child's problem is severe enough for NHS treatment).

After a full or short assessment we will confirm what we have discussed with you in writing, including an estimate for treatment if appropriate, and also write to your dentist so they are fully informed about your potential treatment.

We are also happy to accept transfers if you have started treatment elsewhere and moved into the area. We advise an initial appointment for assessment following which we will agree on continuation of treatment including charges, which can be either an inclusive fee or a per-visit fee. Transfers must be accompanied by details from your previous orthodontist, including x-rays, models and photos where available, but we can contact your orthodontist on your behalf if needed.

There is currently no waiting list for either assessment or treatment. Many treatments can be started within a few weeks, ideal if you have a deadline or just want to start as soon as possible.