We started offering virtual consultations during the coronavirus lockdown and as these have proved successful we are extending this indefinitely, replacing the previous free initial visit.

These appointments are aimed at adults or teenagers considering orthodontic treatment at Wetherby Orthodontics, so we recommend you are located near to Wetherby. Under 16s need parental consent and ideally an adult with them during consultation. This is a 30 minute consultation via Zoom with specialist Megan Hatfield.

During the consultation Megan will discuss your problem, have a look at your teeth and explain possible treatment options and costs. Following this a face-to-face appointment can be scheduled, usually within a few weeks. A video consultation is not the same as a face-to-face appointment, and no definitive advice would be given without a clinic appointment, but it can provide a very good outline of treatment options.

Please read the document below before your appointment

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Please email your name, date of birth, postcode and reason for requesting the appointment. We will schedule a mutually convenient time, usually during normal clinic hours.